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The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass

 Jesus Christ, the Son of the living God, died once for the redemption of the world; he cannot die again. He instituted the Holy Eucharist, the Sacrament of his Body and Blood, at the Last Supper and gave it to his Church so that, as the Church's central act of worship, his all-sufficient sacrifice on the Cross might be made present sacramentally for all Christians of all succeeding ages. Thus, every day the Church is visibly associated with the Sacrifice of Calvary and so is able to reap the fruits of that redemptive act. As the sacrificial offering of Christ and his Church, the Mass is the most perfect act of worship that is possible to offer to almighty God.

Lectors / Leitores

If you are a confirmed parishioner who desires to proclaim God's Word, you might consider becoming a lector (reader). Lectors read at Masses and other liturgical celebrations. You are expected to review the appointed Scripture readings in advance, and should be competent in public speaking.

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion / Ministros Extraordinários da Sagrada Comunhão

If you are a confirmed parishioner and wish to assist the priest in distributing Holy Communion in cases of necessity, the parish priest must appoint you as an extraordinary minister (bishops, priests and deacons are the "ordinary" ministers). Some of our extraordinary ministers also bring Communion to the homebound once a month.

Altar Servers / Acólitos

Interested candidates must have received their First Holy Communion in order to assist the priest during liturgical celebrations. Training for new altar servers takes place in the fall. Pope St. John Paul II said: "Altar service is a truly holy service. As servants of Jesus Christ, the eternal High Priest, altar servers are called to bring the light of the Gospel to all who live in the darkness." Serve your parish with this holy service.


Liturgical Music / Música Litúrgica

Our liturgical musicians (cantors, choristers, organists) enhance the beauty of the sacred liturgy by means of music and song. Their role is not to distract the congregation but rather to help worshipers enter more fully into the prayer of the Church. We welcome new members to sing at our liturgies, which incorporate traditional and contemporary chant, hymnody and choral pieces. We have a special repertoire for:
Advent  I  Christmas  I  Lent  I  Easter  I  Televised Masses  I  Feast of Santo Christo


 Cantors lead the faithful in congregational singing at Sunday Mass and certain other liturgical events. Participation is by invitation only.

 Collectors / Colectores

 If you would like to pass the collection basket for Mass offerings, please see one of the priests after Mass or call the parish office.
We invite all parishioners to this service.


 Throughout the year, the Rosary is prayed in Portuguese before weekday Mass beginning at 7:30 am.
During the months of May and October, the Rosary prayed in Portuguese on Tuesdays at 7:00 pm (in the chapel).

 New Parishioners

 You may register at the parish office, or pick up a registration form in the sacristy after Sunday Mass.